Tips to save on your energy bill!

The cost of heating and hot water make up half of the average household energy bill…

This obviously adds up to a lot of money over the year, although there is no way of avoiding this cost there are many ways to reduce it.

Get It Done With Us

Keeping your home warm can be costly. At Latent Heat we care about our customers having the most efficient central heating system for their home and keeping the cost of running it as low as possible. Here is some of the services we provide and some tips on how to save a few pennies on your bills!

A- rated boilers

We supply and fit a wide range of highly efficient boilers to suit any sized home. Having an efficient condensing boiler with heating controls can save you between £190 – £240 per year on your energy bill.

Heating controls

With any boiler installation we can also install ‘Hive’ or ‘Nest’ thermostats into your home. These smart controls allow you to manage your heating from anywhere, using a mobile app. Having a thermostat will save you on average £180 per year.


Boiler service/maintenance

A gas engineer can be very expensive to call out in the case of an emergency. Save yourself the stress and cost of having an emergency call out by ensuring you keep up with annual boiler services! Our team can also give you expert advice on how best to maintain your boiler and prevent any problems.

Wrap up

Your parents were right… Putting on an extra layer of clothes around the house or using another blanket at night is a cheaper alternative to cranking the heating up!

Stay warm, cut costs

When turning your heating on, reducing the temperature by just 1°C could save you up to £75 a year!

Keep the pressure down

Power showers with high pressure heads are a luxury – but you would be surprised at just how much water they use, sometimes more than a bath! Using a low pressure setting could save you up to £70 per year.

Shrink your bills not your clothes!

Doing your washing on a lower heat setting such as 30°C  – 40°C will save significant amounts of money.

Invest in a smart thermostat

Installing a thermostat can make you much more efficient and aware of how much/how long you are heating your home.

Roof/Loft Insulation

You could be wasting a lot of money by not having your home properly insulated. Almost 25% of heat in an uninsulated home is lost through the roof! You could save £175 a year by investing in decent insulation, this will also drastically reduce CO2 emissions!

These are all small changes you can make in your home but the money you will save all adds up! 

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