£400 Boiler Trade-in

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Time for a new boiler?

We are currently offering a £400 trade-in for your old boiler when you have an upgraded model supplied and fitted by us!


How do you know when it’s time to upgrade your boiler?

Your boiler is over 10 years old

Unfortunately nothing lasts forever, so even if your boiler has no major faults, if it is over 10 years old you should be looking to replace it. Technology has vastly improved in recent years and older boilers just don’t compare with the efficiency ratings, safety features and smart controls available today.

It is not 'A' rated

The efficiency rating of boilers has also vastly improved through the years. A – rated boilers have become increasingly more popular due to their energy efficiency of 90% or more. G – rated boilers on the other hand, only have energy efficiency of 70%. This means for every £1 you spend on your heating bill, you are wasting 30p on lost energy.

Regular breakdowns

You are constantly having to fork out more money for emergency call outs and quick fixes when things go wrong with your heating or hot water. This money is far better spent on a upgraded boiler in the long run!


Increase on your energy bills

Inefficient boilers are undeniably more expensive to run. Due to their low efficiency, non-condensing boilers waste a lot of energy and therefore cost more money.

Unusual noises

Boilers usually make a subtle humming noise while in use, this is normal. If your boiler is making whirring, clunking or banging sound, this is not healthy and you should take action immediately. These noises could be a result of an issue with the heat pump, a broken valve or simply just the age of the boiler.

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