Is it time to invest in a new boiler?

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A new boiler is a big investment, so we’ve had a look at some of the top reasons to invest in a new boiler to help you decide if it’s the right time for you.


Is your boiler noisy or unreliable?

A noisy, unreliable boiler can be expensive to run, increasing your carbon footprint as well as your annual fuel bills.

Is your boiler old and inefficient?

A traditional, non-condensing boiler can be 65% efficient at most, even if it is perfectly maintained, whereas a modern condensing boiler has an efficiency of 90%.  This difference means big savings on your annual bill.

Is your boiler out of warranty?

If your boiler is out of warranty, you could end up with a large bill if it breaks down.  Replacing your boiler could save you a lot of time, hassle, and money in the long term. Over time a new boiler might even pay for itself and for peace of mind there are extended warranties of up to 10 years available from reputable installers.

Are your controls old and outdated?

The latest innovation in heating is smart controls for your home.  Smart controls allow you to control your heating from your phone, regardless of where you are, saving you money and giving you peace of mind.

Do you have a service plan?

A service plan can greatly extend the life of your boiler by ensuring that it is well maintained.  As boiler service plans are not usually included in home insurance, it is worth looking into getting one to make sure that your boiler is always in top condition.

Have you been told that spare parts can no longer be found?

If your boiler is old, there is a chance that replacement parts are no longer made.  If this happens, it is important for you to consider a new boiler before something goes wrong with your old one. Leaving it too long could mean that you’re without heating and hot water until you’re able to get your boiler replaced.

Are you concerned about leaks?

A leaking boiler is a serious problem, which can cause electronic components to short circuit, or cause rust and corrosion in the boiler.  There are many reasons why a boiler may be leaking, so it’s best to get a Gas Safe engineer to come and have a look, so that they can advise you about whether you’ll need to repair or replace your boiler.

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