Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating

Thinking of installing underfloor heating? Underfloor heating is a great energy-efficient way of heating your home. It distributes heat evenly and consistently while freeing up space on the walls as you will no longer require radiators. There are 2 types of underfloor heating you can have installed, see below for more information.


Electric underfloor heating

(dry system)

Electric underfloor heating involves installing heating wires or heating mats under the floor. Heating wires are best for getting into every nook and cranny of a room whereas heating mats are best suited to large spaces.

Water underfloor heating

(wet system)

Water underfloor heating involves installing a series of heating pipes that connect to your boiler (or any heating source) which then pump the hot water around under the floor. Pipes are thicker than wires, so there needs to be enough room in your floor for this system to be installed. If there isn’t enough room this could mean raising the ground slightly.

How much is the installation cost?

The installation of underfloor heating will vary depending on multiple factors such as – the age of your home, the type of system you would like, what kind of flooring you have and how many rooms you want it installed in.

Electric mat underfloor heating is cheaper and easier to install although the running costs are higher. There is more involved when it comes to installing water underfloor heating so you can expect it to be a more expensive job, however water systems are powered by your boiler which means significantly lower running costs.

Is underfloor heating right for my home?

Underfloor heating can be installed under any floor type, on both the ground floor and upper levels. As the installation can be costly, underfloor heating is best suited to new builds or extensions. Although the installation is costly, having underfloor heating will add value to your home.

The main attraction of underfloor heating is comfort – not only will it keep your feet warm but it will also distribute heat evenly and consistently around each corner of the room. The heat from underfloor systems won’t dissipate when a window is opened like conventional radiators do meaning there is less wastage.

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